The No Frills Page for PAD

We are all well aware of iTunes rather lackluster support for TV Shows and the iPod. Luckily some fine folks wrote a great MPEG-4 editor that makes TV Shows and other MPEG-4 files show up in iTunes and on an iPod correctly.

Not satisfied with the existing GUI front ends for AtomicParsley I wrote my own. It’s slimmer than the others I used by splitting the movie types into separate displays to offer a cleaner and smaller UI. Additionally instead of offering everything and the kitchen sink I opted to offer a smaller subset of the available options but ones which I feel are the core fields for the most common video types.

Download: The Program and Source

Massive file size increases are to a bug in how AtomicParsley handles non-standard MP4 files. If the file structure isn't just right AP goes funky and creates corrupt files, I just had this happen on my DVD rip of The Venture Brothers, some files became well over 1GB in size.

The simplest solution is to take the MP4 Pass Through AppleScript droplet in the PAD archive and drop any mp4 files on to it before editing the meta-data. This will create a well formed MP4 file that AP won't go nuts on.

If you would rather do it manually you'll need QT pro. Open the movie and Export it as a MP4 Movie. Change the Video codec and audio codec to Pass Through and export your movie.

Version 1.5 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Redid tagging to better align with the movies form the iTunes store. Thanks Norbert Rittel.
  2. Sanitizes file names that contain : or / to work around a potential AtomicParsely crash. When renaming files titles with a : or / in the name get converted to a -.
  3. Slightly reworked the UI to be less button heavy.

Download 1.5

Version 1.3.7 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Can flag a file as "Explicit" so it shows up with the red explicit tag in iTunes.
  2. Includes AtomicParsley 0.9.0.

Download 1.3.7

Version 1.3.6 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Can disable the "Success" sheet.

Download 1.3.6 or Download the source

Version 1.3.5 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Uses the Sparkle Update System.

Download 1.3.5 or Download the source

Version 1.3.4 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Fixed artwork issues.
  2. Now adds artwork again.
  3. Now only deletes artwork when the Artwork box is checked and no artwork is present.

Download 1.3.4 or Download the source

Version 1.3.3 has the following features/fixes:

  1. You can now download from the version checking screen since "open URL" ≠ "open location".

Download 1.3.3 or Download the source

Version 1.3.2 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Probably fixed the renaming issues when renaming files based on title is enabled.

Download 1.3.2 or Download the source

Version 1.3.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Finally works reliably on Intel Macs. Due to either a bug or "working properly" function; the way I handled script launching did not work right on Intel Macs.
  2. Recognizes the "tven" atom when parsing meta data and enables the preference if needed.
  3. Fixed error when figuring out if we have the needed data to add the episode ID. For episode ID tagging we need the season number and episode number. It was just checking for episode number twice.
  4. Batch editing now applies the file name to the title field.

Download 1.3.1 or Download the source

Version 1.3 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Added a preferences sheet and a few advanced preferences.
  2. Added preference "Empty fields delete existing data" where unset fields will remove any existing data from the file. So if a file has a Comment set and you delete that comment it will be deleted. Previously it would be left in.
  3. "Rename files based on your title" renames the file based on your set title. Only applies when editing a single file.
  4. "Add episode number to TV Shows" optionally adds the episode number to the renamed file; useful for ordering TV Shows.
  5. "Check for Updates at Launch" checks for updates of PAD. This connects to my server but collects or sends no information.
  6. "Enable Debug Mode" makes the debug mode visible to the user so you can see what it does and possibly help me in debugging PAD.
  7. Fixed debugging issue. It now completely cycles through the batch editing process.
  8. Updated genre tag recognition.
  9. Added artwork recognition to existing files.
  10. NOTE: Removing embedded artwork from the artwork list will not remove the artwork from the file. To delete artwork you must clear all artwork from the table and enable the "Empty fields delete existing data" preference before editing a file.

Download 1.3 or Download the source

Version 1.2.3 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Fixed sorting issues when using the "Choose" button.
  2. Fixed assorted bugs with batch editing.
  3. Fixed assorted bugs with editing a file with unset fields.
  4. Fully commented the code.

Version 1.2.2 has the following features/fixes:

  1. When applying to Music Fields "TV Shows" is applied to the genre.
  2. Newish icon thanks to John West
  3. Included AppleScript droplet to "fix" "broken" MPEG4 files.
  4. Fixed selecting files with the "Choose" buttons.

Download 1.2.2 or Download the source

Version 1.2.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Really fixed sorting issue with drag and drop on the Dock icon.
  2. When batch editing the overall progress bar updates before editing the file instead of after.
  3. Dragging images to the image well adds them to the artwork table.
  4. Changed album meta data to be "Show, Season #" to match how iTunes does it.

Download 1.2.1 or Download the source

Version 1.2 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Artwork support! Click the Add Artwork checkbox and drag your JPEG or PNG files to the table. Supports multiple artwork files per movie file.
  2. Resizable window.
  3. Window retains position between launches.
  4. Replaced 2 crufty do shell scripts with pure AppleScript.
  5. The "Remove" button disables itself when you select no files in the file list.
  6. Expanded the valid files for editing to include .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4v, .mp4 and .3gp.
  7. Made it so you can only drop .m4a, .m4p, .m4b, .m4v, .mp4 and .3gp files onto the file list table and dock icon.

Download 1.2 or Download the source

Version 1.1.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Fixed various sorting issues with drag and drop on the Dock icon.
  2. Fixed error when clearing the file list when a file is selected.
  3. Added a text field showing the name of the selected file, so you can copy paste name to title.
  4. Includes AtomicParsley 0.8.4.

Download 1.1.1 or Download the source

Version 1.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Batch editing of meta info

Download 1.1 or Download the source

Version 1.0.2 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Redid the Magical 'Apply to "Music" fields'. Show is now Artist and Album becomes an aggregate of Show name and season number.
  2. Redid the Episode # format. It's now in ‘SEASONxEPISODENUM TITLE’ format
  3. Now includes a Read Me. With pictures. That explain what each thing is. I treat you good. The “?” button in the main window.
  4. Super secret debug preference.
  5. Updated overwrite for the CVS version of AtomicParsley. So overwrite works again.

Download 1.0.2 or Download the source

To run in debug mode run the following script in your Terminal program of choice ‘defaults write ws.them.ass.pad doDebug -bool true’ then open up the console application in /Applications/Utilities. Now when you run a file through PAD all information will be displayed in the Console window and nothing will be written to disk. To undo this run this in your Terminal ‘defaults write ws.them.ass.pad doDebug -bool false’.

Version 1.0.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Preferences for the checkboxes. PAD remembers what your selections were so you don't have to.
  2. Added the ability to add a description to TV Shows or comments to Movies or Music Videos. I realized I needed this last night when trying to decide which episode of Justice League Unlimited was which.
  3. Fixed a bug where PAD would error when drag-and-dropping a file that didn't have a 'stik' set.
  4. Sanitized the fields when dragging another file onto the icon. It removes all “stale” data if the new file has existing data.
  5. Updated CVS build of AtomicParsley to work around issues with certain MP4 files.

Download 1.0.1 or Download the source

Version 1.0 has the following features:

  1. Editing for TV Shows, Movie and Music Video video formats
  2. Auto-applying TV Show tags to music tags for using in Smart Playlists
  3. Drag and drop support
  4. Autofilling of existing metadata for easy updating or adding
  5. A nice progress bar that updates often

Download 1.0 or Download the source

Download: The Program and Source

Read the license. It's GPL to be in line with AP.

Contact me with bug reports or feature requests.

Grab my other program iTunes Remote Control to control iTunes from any computer on your network.