The No Frills Page for iTRC

iTunes Remote Control (iTRC) is a network remote control for iTunes. It allows you to control iTunes on a remote machine with full track changing support and basic but functional playlist support. All you need to do it enable Remote Apple Events on the computer with iTunes on it and remember its network name.

Download: The Program and Source

Version 1.4,1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Fixes error with latest version of iTunes.

Version 1.4 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Redesign UI. Bigger but more usable.
  2. With the new UI comes 10.4 only compatibility.
  3. Search! iTRC can now search your library for titles, artists, albums and genres. iTRC creates a temporary playlist to store the search results.
  4. Faster playlist loading. iTRC turns off track updating while building the playlist since that slows it down a great deal. The progress indicator now becomes the status of the playlist build process.
  5. Reordered the Growl notification. The track title is now the big name and artist and album the smaller info. Now uses the iTunes icon, since iTRC is an extension of iTunes.
  6. One click volume control for off and full volume.
  7. Doesn't error when changing playlists while a playlist is being built.
  8. Artist and Track Title are added to the window name, I guess that helps with Exposé or something.

Version 1.3.2 has the following features/fixes:

  1. No more errors if you don't have Growl installed.

Version 1.3.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Growl support! iTRC now notifies you via Growl (if it is installed) when a track changes.
  2. More network friendly as iTRC now makes one fewer call to the server per update.
  3. Uses Sparkle 1.1.

Download: iTRC 1.3.1

Version 1.3 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Audio CD support. iTRC now lists audio CDs in the playlist menu. Some functions, such as ratings, wont work when the selected playlist is an audio CD.
  2. More immediate updating of information when changing tracks and changing playlists.
  3. Potentially eliminated redundant rebuilding of the playlist.
  4. Add the option to increase a track's played count when manually skipping the song.
  5. Cleaned and organized the code, removing and consolidating duplicate code.

Download: iTRC 1.3

Version 1.2.4 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Removed Mac OS X 10.4 only buttons from the nib. It may run on 10.3.9 now, however I do not have a 10.3.9 machine to test it on.
  2. System mute state is reflected in the menu.
  3. `Made a more pleasing Dock Menu experience. No extra check-marks and the Play menu item toggles between Play and Pause.
  4. Added an option to update more often. By default iTRC updates every 5 seconds. By turning on this option iTRC updates every 2 seconds.

Download: iTRC 1.2.4

Version 1.2.3 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Fixed rating system.
  2. Doesn't error when a song isn't rated.

Download: iTRC 1.2.3

Version 1.2.2 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Window position is saved.
  2. Fixed assorted issues when launching iTRC and no song is playing.

Version 1.2.1 has the following features/fixes:

Download: iTRC 1.2.2

  1. Added a useless progress bar showing about how much time is left in the current track.
  2. Added the ability to turn off the useless progress bar.
  3. You can now rate songs from the main window. Yes I know they aren't Stars but Asterisks.
  4. Added the ability to mute/unmute the server computer.
  5. Major code reorganizing. It connects to the server computer less often per update, down to 2 calls to set the state from the 10 used in previous versions.

Download: iTRC 1.2.1

Version 1.1.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Preference sheet now closes.

Download: iTRC 1.1

Version 1.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Playlists are now sorted Alphabetically instead of as they appear in the playlist menu.
  2. Uses the Sparkle updating system.

Download: iTRC 1.1

Version 1.0.3 has the following features/fixes:

  1. 1. Added various iTunes commands to the iTunes menu.
  2. 2. Added the ability to enable and change the EQ settings.

Download: iTRC 1.0.3

Version 1.0.2 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Fixed preference window forgetting stuff when closed.
  2. Reworked playlist update counting.
  3. Added option to quit iTunes when quitting iTRC.
  4. Added the ability to open iTunes if it is not already open.

Download: iTRC 1.0.2

Version 1.0.1 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Update status text when building the playlist, i.e. "Processing track 78 of 475"
  2. Dynamic updating of playlist with selectable update rate of every 1, 10, 50, 100 or 500 tracks. Setting the update rate to a larger number seems to work better for large playlists like your main music Library.
  3. The Playlist menu is now a pop-up menu instead of a pull-down menu so you can always see the current playlist.
  4. Made it so actions that change the playlist state will rebuild the playlist table when opening it after it has already been opened once.
  5. Version checking, optional at launch.

Download: iTRC 1.0.1

Version 1.0 has the following features/fixes:

  1. Play and skip tracks in iTunes
  2. Change the volume and mute iTunes
  3. Change playlists and toggle the shuffle state.
  4. View tracks in the current playlist and select which one to play.

Download: iTRC 1.0

Known Issues

Don't save your password, it will crash iTRC on launch

Download: The Program and Source

Read the license. It's BSD.

Contact me with bug reports or feature requests.

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