Why is he on the radio?

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Jun 082011

Lavar Arrington said that the winner of game 5 of the NBA finals has a better chance of winning the series.


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May 102011

The Wizards released their new uniforms today. Colors are great and fitting with the new unified look of the Ted Leonsis branding. However those logos could not be more perverted.

Hand dong on the left side and sodomy on the right side.

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Some Song

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May 032011

BT – The Antikythera Mechanism

Took my a long time to appreciate This Binary Universe, but it is simply amazing.

Cold Closure

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May 032011

Now that Osama bin Laden the world can breath easier now right? But what has changed? Will terrorism stop? Will my cousin’s death be worth it? Will we be able to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq faster?

Of course the answers to the above are “no.” The boogeyman is man is dead, but things will still be going bump in the night.

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Win Four…

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Apr 232011

Capitals Logo

…in a punishing fashion the Caps won their first round series against the Rangers. Playing what was perhaps their most complete and dominating games of the season.

Now it gets harder.

Win Three

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Apr 212011

Lose one horribly. Look to lose a second one even worse. Score four goals to win it in the second ot.

Playoff hockey, nothing more intense.

Some Song

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Apr 192011

That no one knows about but is really awesome.

The Whole Church Should Get Drunk by The Feelgood Factor

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